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U.S. businesses not buying President Obama’s rhetoric on energy ‘race’ with China

By Dipka Bhambhani – The Daily Caller   1:07 PM 03/15/2011 ADVERTISEMENT The U.S. has “raced” to control space exploration, nuclear arms and electronics. Since taking office, President Obama has introduced the idea that the U.S. is now battling China — the world’s largest polluter — in new race for world domination. A clean energy race. … Continue reading

Ethanol loses Big Oil, big advocates and maybe big subsidies

By Dipka Bhambhani – The Daily Caller   12:49 AM 03/01/2011 If you’re wondering why your grocery bill is so high, one place to look is your car. It’s probably running on gasoline blended with corn-based ethanol. Demand for the corn-based biofuel, because of government mandates and federal subsidies to the ethanol industry, has contributed to a tripling of … Continue reading

Driving the TESLA, protecting national security? Electric Vehicle market launches in Washington

By Dipka Bhambhani – The Daily Caller   12:55 AM 02/14/2011 Millions of Americans in the military put on their uniforms each day to defend our national security. On Thursday, little did I realize, I too was defending our national security — by driving around a brand-new TESLA Roadster. The all-electric Roadster is almost all-American. The battery pack … Continue reading

Save the environment or save the economy? The brewing battle over bottled water could kill jobs

By Dipka Bhambhani – The Daily Caller   9:33 AM 01/29/2011 For more than a few years environmentalists have fueled a movement to ban or significantly reduce consumer use of bottled water. Dozens of universities and municipalities have already taken action to curb bottle water use. But the impact of such a ban on the … Continue reading

Coal or Natural Gas? Pick your poison.

The grass is always greener. That’s what I thought when I read Steve Mufson’s article this week in the Washington Post, “Coal’s burnout: Have investors moved on to cleaner energy sources?” The Energy Information Administration says 45% of U.S. electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants; About 23% is generated by natural gas while 20% is generated … Continue reading

Green with envy: A little environmental competition can be healthy

I just got back from India. I hadn’t been back in seven years. I was looking forward to seeing the 8 percent GDP growth Prime Minister Manmohan Singh always talks about. I was expecting more towers, more plumes of smokes, more industrialization, and more waste. Prosperity was definitely palpable. Indians had better computers and TVs. Most families, … Continue reading

It’s not easy going green: World climate talks come full circle

A year ago during world climate talks in Copenhagen, Denmark, India was a bit of an international pariah, an emerging world power that didn’t want to compromise its 8 percent economic growth rate by promising to cut its carbon emissions by any significant amount. China was also thrown into that “uncooperative” sandbox since it is the world’s largest … Continue reading

DOE can’t mishandle the truth

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is suing the Energy Department because the department has not adequately responded to a request for information regarding the celebrated loan guarantee recently awarded to Southern Company to build two nuclear reactors in Georgia. The news is obviously not that DOE did not disclose information. The news is that … Continue reading

Bite the hand that feeds you, but feed him first…

The chief executive of U.S. coal giant Massey Energy, Don Blankenship, spoke to the National Press Club late last month about the future of coal. Blankenship looked more like he was on the witness stand than as a guest of honor at a friendly informational luncheon. The audience just wanted to know what really happened … Continue reading

Buy American windmills, solar panels…even if America won’t

The clean-energy economy is starting to take serious shape. While the feeding frenzy among clean-energy companies continues on Capitol Hill, and lawmakers try to hammer out a new energy bill, President Obama is leaving nothing to chance. On Friday, he invited a select group of clean-energy technology manufacturers to the White House to discuss how … Continue reading